måndag, juli 31, 2006

Issue two of Otoliths

edited by Mark Young, has just gone live. http://the-otolith.blogspot.com

It contains work by Karl Young, Juhana Vähänen (translated by Karri
Kokko), Martin Edmond, Rochelle Ratner, Louise Landes Levi, Cath
Vidler, Michael Farrell, Christian Jensen, Ira Joel Haber, Bruce
Covey, Jill Jones, Allen Bramhall, Derek Motion, Caleb Puckett,
Sandra Simonds (a mini-chap ? The Tar Pit Diatoms), Vernon Frazer,
Pat Nolan, Donald Illich, J.D. Nelson, harry k stammer, Steve Tills,
David Meltzer, Tom Beckett, Thomas Fink, Crag Hill, Ira Cohen, Carol
Jenkins, Miia Toivio, John M. Bennett, Michael Rothenberg, Geof Huth,
David-Baptiste Chirot, Aki Salmela, Sandy McIntosh, Michelle
Greenblatt, Janne Nummela, Tom Hibbard, Marko J. Niemi, Phil Primeau,
Kevin Opstedal, Olli Sinivaara, Nico Vassilakis & John M. Bennett,
Michael McClure, Pam Brown, Leevi Lehto & Eileen Tabios.


lördag, juli 29, 2006


Runotorstain leikki-haasteeseen. Etsi minut huoneen kätköistä.

fredag, juli 28, 2006

lördag, juli 22, 2006

visual poems

by Sami Vainikka at Nokturno.

culture capital of universe

after Dr. Frankenstein (there's no fixed identity, so please let it flow)

torsdag, juli 20, 2006

tree fairies

Puukeijut, photographs by Sade Kahra & poems by Sanna Karlström, Reetta Niemelä, Tommi Parkko, Jusa Peltoniemi, Anna Elina Turunen, Heidi von Wright, and Katariina Vuorinen, from the "Gardens" exhibit in Fiskars Village (until October 1).

from a to z

Characters, by Karri Kokko, starting today with the letter "A" at Dan Waber's abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

tisdag, juli 18, 2006

exquisite collage or andre going solo

(let your mouse move over the corpse & click to change the order)

play "cadavre exquis" online


efter Per Højholt

måndag, juli 17, 2006

hybrid engine 4

thanks to Karri for the idea (move your mouse to make it run)

söndag, juli 16, 2006

hybrid engine 3

(move your mouse to make it run)

lördag, juli 15, 2006

hybrid engine 2

(move your mouse to make it run)

run run run

60 Letter Dash (in English) / 60 märgi jooks (in Estonian) for Valdur Mikita

fredag, juli 14, 2006

hybrid engine

Wanted to design a fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly engine, so please move your mouse to make it run.

concrete stir fry

for Jim Andrews (please move your mouse over the letters)

torsdag, juli 13, 2006

problems in the factory

There's no flow, no kanban, no andon, & the right process will produce the left results by me, & by Ted Warnell, & by me, & by Ted. Somebody please call a consultant!


A couple of new concrete poems by Teemu Manninen & Pyyhe Redux, a song by Tero-Tero Klapp with Esa Hirvonen reading his palindrome poem.

onsdag, juli 12, 2006

mail art from norway

(click to enlarge)

integriteter i integriteter

efter Inger Christensen (click words to zoom in)

See also Christensen's poems translated into Finnish by Rita Dahl in Rita's Arjentola.