lördag, december 23, 2006

so happy christmas i love you baby

Going offline for the rest of the year. Thanks to everyone for the past year and Happy Holidays - see you again in January! :)

tisdag, december 19, 2006

photos & poems

Pyhiinvaellus by Pekka Pylväs & Matti Koskinen.

mla, or, leevi goes to philly

This might well be one of the biggest things any Finnish poet has ever been involved in. Everybody will be there.

lördag, december 16, 2006


in the dark

(I don't dare recommend using IE, but this one's pretty slow (or gentle, if you wish) in Firefox.)


Flash poem Mestä by Tuomas Kilpi.

torsdag, december 14, 2006

rakastamisen sietämätön keveys

Sua ma ain
Kunnes, ah,
sen vihdoin
Olis pitänyt
silloin uskoo
Kun lumihan-
gessa leikin
Äsken soitin,
se totes vaan
"Ai jaa"

Runotorstai: huono runo

tisdag, december 12, 2006


a collaborative piece by Outi-Illuusia Parviainen & Marko Niemi

onsdag, december 06, 2006

söndag, december 03, 2006