torsdag, november 30, 2006


A great article by Juri Nummelin on Finnish contemporary experimental poetry in today's Valo (Aamulehti's weekly insert).


The Elinor catalogue of electronic literature in the Nordic countries was launched yesterday in Bergen, Norway.

onsdag, november 29, 2006

måndag, november 27, 2006

how would you do it

As the newest jigsaw puzzle poem (or refridgerator magnet poem, if you prefer that), we have a poem by Sirpa Kyyrönen.

fredag, november 24, 2006

torsdag, november 23, 2006

tisdag, november 21, 2006

visual & concrete

poems by Suzan Sarı at Nokturno, including a collaborative vispo set by Suzan and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.

måndag, november 20, 2006

a topology of words

Taking Karri's idea of a = 0 and b = c = ... = z but moving from algebra (to which I might return later) to topology with these very rough sketches (let's call it 'A topology of words').

towards the algebra of letters

"Zero or not zero, that is the question."

a + b = c
a + c = d
a + d = e
a + y = z
a + z = ?

söndag, november 19, 2006

new voices

Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl reads "Helvetti" (Hell) by Rita Dahl.

lördag, november 18, 2006

torsdag, november 16, 2006

problems in the control room

Apparently, two of the three links below don't work right now because our server went dead last night. We're trying to bring it back to life during today.

small sounds

Remix version of the visual/sound poem "Sanasade" (Word Rain) by Leevi Lehto, read by the master himself (actually, by the master with himself) -- to celebrate the publishing of Leevi's first collection of poetry in English, Lake Onega and Other Poems, in London later today.

onsdag, november 15, 2006

looking at you

for Suzan Sarı and her always lovely Ö letters (please move your mouse over the canvas)

söndag, november 12, 2006

new voices

Suzan Sarı reads four poems by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.

fredag, november 10, 2006

torsdag, november 09, 2006

A real chance to stop the horror in Iraq

From the Ceasefire Campaign:

Dear friends,

This week the American people voted overwhelmingly to reject President Bush’s war in Iraq, and yesterday the key architect of the war, US military chief Donald Rumsfeld, announced his resignation. The winds of political change are sweeping the US, and the US-led Coalition in Iraq may -- finally -- be realising that they cannot win the war, and that they lack the legitimacy to bring stability and peace to the country without more help from the international community.

With a newly elected US Congress and a President who is finally in a listening mood, we now have a unique opportunity for a global public outcry to change the course of this disastrous war. It’s the perfect time to act.

To seize this opportunity, we want to place ads in US and UK papers with a new global petition calling upon the Coalition to accept a larger role for the international community and a phased withdrawal of all its troops from Iraq. We’ll publish the number of signatures we get in the ads, so we need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to sign the petition in the next 48 hours. Please tell all your friends and family, and sign below:

This is our chance to make sure the pressure of global public opinion is being felt by Coalition governments as they rethink their war in Iraq, pressing them to accept a larger role for the international community and to withdraw their troops.

We know why it’s so important to act. A shocking study released by Johns Hopkins University last month suggested that hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in Iraq -- more than anyone thought -- and experts warn that the civil war is about to pass a point of no return. October was the worst month yet for civilian casualties, with death squads moving house to house. The killing could place Iraq alongside Darfur as one of the greatest human catastrophes of our new century.

We must not let that happen. And if we each act quickly this week, we can each play a role in stopping it.

We can reach our goal for this campaign by spreading the word. Please forward this email to as many of your friends and family as you can, and act now to add your voice to this urgent call for action:

This may be our best chance for peace yet. Let’s take it.

With hope,

Ricken, Ben, Rachel, Paul, Tom, Amparo and the Ceasefire Campaign team

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tisdag, november 07, 2006

måndag, november 06, 2006

fredag, november 03, 2006


a collaborative piece by Outi-Illuusia Parviainen & Marko Niemi

torsdag, november 02, 2006

news from uk & canada

In this room, at the Tate Modern, London, Elizabeth James spoke on Jim Rosenberg and Ted Warnell's digital works on Monday, October 30 (the event was a part of the e & eye series of discussions). Among Ted's works she presented there was the Marko's Machine, a collaboration of Ted & me, produced in June this year. Not too bad, with all those wonderful Duchamps and Picassos hanging around the room, and certainly it would've been great to be there.