söndag, april 29, 2007

digital poetry from turkey

Three digital pieces by Özcan Türkmen @ nokturno, one in Finnish, two in English. One of the pieces, Entropic Poetry, also includes an essay on the concept (in Finnish).

Below is "Totenklage" by Hugo Ball translated into the language of Entropic Poetry.

lördag, april 28, 2007

onsdag, april 25, 2007


Puhun hänestä joka puhuu olen yksin, a collection of poems by J.P. Sipilä as a downloadable pdf & poetic desktop wallpapers by J.P. and Spencer Selby.

lördag, april 21, 2007

desktop wallpapers

Vispoetic desktop wallpapers by Jim Andrews, Jennifer Hill-Kaucher & Nico Vassilakis plus two dynamic wallpapers by Ted Warnell & Marko Niemi available @ nokturno.

torsdag, april 19, 2007

spam poetry

All Data Will Be Destroyed, a book of spam poetry by Juri Nummelin @ nokturno.

onsdag, april 18, 2007

tisdag, april 17, 2007

jigsaw puzzle poem

Create your own poem using words from a poem by Heidi Rundgren.

See also Heidi's blog.

another flash poem

Herkkusuu by Tytti Heikkinen.

lördag, april 14, 2007

fredag, april 13, 2007

all wrongs reserved

It's the 21st century but you still believe in copyright, right? If so, then you definitely want to watch the short film ©rime by Lauri Wuolio (graphics), Kalle Hakkarainen (animation) & Harry Salmenniemi (text). (It's highly recommended for all you copyleft / anti-copyright folks too.)

torsdag, april 12, 2007

flash poem

Rakkaus on by Tytti Heikkinen @ nokturno.

onsdag, april 11, 2007

audio recording

Rita Dahl reads an excerpt from her new book Aforismien aika.

score for sound poetry

Kerro (partituuri) by Jouni Tossavainen now available as a downloadable pdf @ nokturno. You can also order a copy of the book from Lulu.

lördag, april 07, 2007


aka David Mimran @ nokturno. Many thanks to Jani who introduced David to nokturno.

fredag, april 06, 2007

searching for google vispo

Lost & Found Words, a first sketch for a Google vispo engine. Suggestions & comments warmly welcome. (So far best viewed with Firefox.)

torsdag, april 05, 2007

söndag, april 01, 2007