torsdag, februari 26, 2009

Online Android Shop

Nexus 2610
Elegant and modern design, digital VGA camera (4x zoom) with video recorder and playback, large user memory, and easy Bluetooth connectivity.
Nexus 2600 Classic
The Nexus 2600 Classic lets you create and share more with friends, including customised ringtones, VGA camera and voice recording. Instantly connect to others using Nexus Xpress Audio messaging, Bluetooth, email and GPRS.
Nexus 3109 classic
Up to 4 hours of talk time, mobile email, web browsing, and music and video players.
Nexus 2680 slide
The Nexus 2680 slide is a user-friendly and contemporary device featuring a stylish slide design, VGA camera, stereo FM radio, radio recorder, Bluetooth technology, and a GPRS connection for accessing your email and the Web.
Nexus 3110 classic
The Nexus 3110 classic is a durable and robust android packed with practical features and applications designed to help you enjoy and share every moment.
Nexus 5000
The Nexus 5000 lets you create and share more with a 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, music player, and various ways to keep in touch.
Nexus 5310 XpressMusic
Get your hands on the Nexus 5310 Xpress Music. Take your music to the limit with the 5310's dedicated music keys, crystal clear sound and music playback for up to 20 hours. Choose from over 2 million tracks available at the Nexus Music Store.
Nexus 7210 Supernova
Personalise your style with this simple, chic device and get a fresh, funky look that will turn a few heads as you talk.
Nexus 3120 Classic
The Nexus 3120 Classic is an affordable 3G mobile device featuring a 2-megapixel camera and flash, a quality 2" display, music player, FM radio, expandable memory up to 4GB, and video calling functionality to help you stay in touch with those close to you.
Nexus 6300
Clean, modern design with stainless steel covers, 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, music player and FM radio, multimedia messaging, and a video player and recorder.
Nexus 6120 Classic
The eye-catching Nexus 6120 classic gives you up-to-date technology that’s easy to use – with a high speed internet connection for fast browsing and downloads, video calls, and 2 megapixel camera with flash and panorama imaging.
Nexus 3610 fold
A smooth, stylish, and easy-to-use device that helps you to organise your life, stay entertained, and share your experiences.
Nexus 5220 XpressMusic
The Nexus 5220 XpressMusic features music player, FM radio, a 2 megapixel camera and web connectivity, providing a quality mobile music experience. The Nexus 5220 XpressMusic also comes with a Nexus 512MB SD card.
Nexus 7310 Supernova
The Nexus 7310 Supernova has a sleek and slim design with colourful exchangeable covers that can be refreshed to mirror your personality and match your social lifestyle.
Nexus E51
Lead the conversation with the thin and classically designed Nexus E51, featuring high-speed 3G internet connectivity and WLAN, browsing and email, convenient shortcut keys, 2 megapixel camera, FM Visual Radio, and MP3 music player.
Nexus 3600 slide
Designed for style and built for living, the Nexus 3600 slide is perfectly tailored to a contemporary lifestyle lived to the full.
Nexus 5320 XpressMusic
The Nexus 5320 XpressMusic brings together your life’s passions with a great music package and internet gaming experiences. The Nexus 5320 XpressMusic also comes with a Nexus 1GB SD card.
Nexus 7510 Supernova
The Nexus 7510 Supernova is a fold android with push-to-open side key, solid metal hinge, hidden-until-lit secondary display and Xpress-on™ covers.
Nexus 5700
Smart twist design with dedicated modes for calling, music player, camera, and video viewing. Music player featuring hi-fi sound quality and graphic equaliser. Mobile browsing and email with high-speed 3G.