fredag, september 01, 2006

stirred & fried

A series of concrete stir fry poems by me on Jim Andrews' site.

"These pieces are quite "concrete" in the Noigandrean sense concerning their simplicity and iconic nature; but they are also contemporary in their algorithmic, generative construction as things written out of programming code and graphics of letters." JA

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

these are cool
coding is very
a new way
yet again
of playing with
image files
kudos to u & ja

marko sa...

Thanks, Ted.

I think there's much more to explore on this visual stir fry format and I'd be happy to try to use some of your stuff, if you don't mind?

Anonym sa...


of course(!)
please do, and
let me know when & where

your new collab with jpk --
it looks to be some of his new generative material (nice, random, & there is quite a bit of it on the arc.hive list) and some of your always interesting presentation codings -- great work from both of you


marko sa...

Yes, Jukka wrote (or generated?) the visual & textual stuff here, I just added the animated typing effect afterwards.