fredag, mars 02, 2007

visual poets

> From: Dan Waber

It's alive.

If it seems a little quiet in there, that's because you're not saying anything, yet. Consider this your invitation to do so.

It's a gallery, it's a directory, it's a group of forums, it's an aggregator. It's able to grow organically as needs develop.

Please spread the word as far and wide as you're willing and able.

Features too numerous to list. Short version for those of you who haven't already clicked and started poking around on your own:

--online gallery space for visual poets

free, easy, automagical in many ways (teachers, looking for a good place to find a wide range of visual poetry?)

--web-based discussion forums that support attachments

Any special visual poetry interest not being served by their own forum can have one made for them very easily. Low-fi version available for those on dial-up who just really want the text and nothing else.

--calendar of visual poetry events

Currently one general calendar, but it's a trivial matter to add other calendars as needed. What do you want/need?

--social networking bells and whistles

Friends, mutual friends, private messaging, alerts when threads you're in are updated, you name it. Did you know yesterday was David-Baptiste Chirot's birthday?

--RSS aggregation w/ community commenting

Through the magic of modern technology, the board updates as RSS-enabled visual poetry related blogs are updated. If you think the visitors to would be interested in your RSS feed, say the word and we'll get it added.

Yes, you have to register to make posts (but not to read them).
Yes, the forums are moderated.

Thank you to all the alpha and beta testers who've been bumping into things and trying to break things.

Extra special thank you to Karl Kempton for impetus, Klaus Peter Dencker for guidance, and Marko Niemi for letting me sucker him into assisting with the admin responsibilities.


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