torsdag, maj 24, 2007

a as in dog

From Dan Waber:

Ever have one of those ideas that takes years and years to finally come to full fruition? You wrote it down, and then waited for the timing, circumstances, and/or right collaborator to come along. And you were patient that whole time, eager but patient, never forgetting the idea. Me too!

Have you ever seen Bembo's Zoo? ( if you haven't--you really should, regardless of whether you want to go any further into this announcement, that's a work well worth your time. And it's the perfect set-up to the rest; though, if you're Flash challenged, it's definitely not required.

So ends the preamble. Now, on to the meat of the announcement.

After years of waiting for the perfect collaborator to come along, I am filled to overflowing with joy to announce:

a as in dog, by Dan Waber & Marko Niemi
a as in dog, by Marko Niemi & Dan Waber

part hommage, part parody, all ultra-minimalist all the time (or, anything they can do minimal, we can do less)

a full introduction is here:

Short version for anyone who hasn't already clicked through: a lady was spelling her name to me over a bad phone connection and she accidentally said, "a as in dog" instead of "a as in apple" or "a as in alpha". It made me laugh, it made her laugh, and it got me thinking. First I figured out a way to make an "a" look like a dog. Then, I figured out how to make every other letter of the alphabet into an animal whose name didn't start with that letter (without repeating start-of-name letters). I lacked the deft touch necessary to bring these ideas to life until I connected with Marko Niemi. He built them all better than I ever could have by, in most cases, making them less than I'd've dared.

If you enjoy viewing these pieces even one 26th as much as we enjoyed making them you'll be grinning for days.

Come, look, enjoy.

Dan & Marko

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laugh out loud funny


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Thnx, /t.